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Supafanz is a fan aggregation platform that focuses on creating the ultimate, one stop platform for fans of artists and celebrities from the world of music, TV, cinema and sport.

The Supafanz app pulls in content for thousands of celebrities from all the main reputable news sites, social sites and video platforms into one simple quality single feed in date order.

A project which started as a fun way to track your favourite artists in one place by amalgamating all their social posts and news into the app - appears to be just what fans have been looking for . . . Supafanz has already managed to grab the eyes of the young who can’t get enough of their favourite artist or celebrity.

Supafanz makes it exciting for fans to follow their favourites and in awarding points and loyalty ranking to fans, based on their activity within the app, fans win prizes and VIP concert tickets and even get to meet and greet their idol's.

Supafanz has been bootstrapped on a small budget over the past 2 years by already successful entrepreneur’s Phillip Molloy & Andrew Pinner.

"Our mission is to become the number one destination for fans offering them instant access to information and also a new and exciting way to enjoy being a Supafan! "

Who's behind Supafanz?

Phillip Molloy
CEO & Founder

Phillip is the Founder and CEO of Supafanz, Phillip is a serial entrepreneur with a number of successful businesses.

He had the initial idea for Supafanz and has made it his mission to become the Number 1 destination for fans.

Andrew Pinner
CTO/Marketing & Co-Founder

Andrew is a natural problem solver who loves a challange.

He is a hybrid marketeer/developer who has embraced the challanges of launching a mobile app.

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