Create your own official native mobile app,
generate multiple new revenue sources

Generate new revenue and start earning straight away. We create a unique tailored app specifically for your brand for FREE. We share the revenue with you!

A whole new world of revenue!

Earn new revenue from:
Ads, In app purchases, affiliate revenue and additional sponsorship.
Share the revenue and de-risk your app.

Currently you are paying the giants to reach your own fans, with a Supafanz white-labelled app you can reach fans directly and profit from their usage: while providing an improved experience.

Engage fans using existing content!

No need to create extra work, pull all your existing social posts, news content, web resources and links into your own beautiful app.

Never run out of content! All your content is pulled into the app automatically within an hour of posting

Truly a one stop shop

Leverage all the content for all social accounts in your business, pull content in for all members of a band, team or brand. All content and news is pulled directly to your personalised app in near-real time.

Connect directly with fans

Send customized push messages, in-feed messages and emails directly to your fans, increase engagements by 3x compared to traditional email only.

Create user journeys to send the right message to the right fans automatically.

Control your traffic flow

Add links to the app and control what your fans see within your community.

Combined with the direct messaging you can make your app part of your wider marketing strategy, driving users to your CTA's within the app!

Reward your biggest fans

Fans are ranked and rewarded for their dedication

Create your own leaderboard in app to recognise fans hard work.

Reward fans with free tickets and sponsored prizes.

Your fans, your data!

Get a transparent view of your data, analyse what works and what doesn't. Reach out directly to true fans without breaking the bank.

Build your app today!

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