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Supafanz is a one stop platform for fans of celebrities to get all the content they ever need.

Our mission is to become the number one destination for fans, providing unrivalled access to all the content a fan needs to follow their favourite celebrities. Our apps platform aggregates social content and news from a fans chosen celebrities and combines them into one beautiful feed.

Serious fans need 24-hour access to all the content all the time, they cannot risk missing anything. With Supafanz mobile or web apps a fan can keep up with 62 seperate sources of information all in one place.

Supafanz saves fans time, provides quality, verified content from reputable sources without the fan needing to manually scour the web. In addition supafanz is a fun environment that rewards fans for their loyalty: fans compete to become the number 1 supafan as well as winning prizes.


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Phillip Molloy

Phillip is the Founder and CEO of Supafanz, Phillip had the initial idea for Supafanz and has made it his mission to become the Number 1 destination for fans. Phillip spotted how much effort is required to be a fan of celebrities and saw an opportunity to reward the fans for their hard work.

Phillip is a serial entrepreneur having founded and run many companies including and being on the board of Mears Group.

Andrew Pinner

Andrew is the CTO and Co-Founder of Supafanz.

A natural problem solver who loves a challange. He is a true hybrid between the world of marketing and development who has embraced the challanges of launching a mobile app. Andrew holds a B.A. Media Communications & Computer Science.

Press Releases:

Innovative Celebrity News and Social App Supafanz Announces US & Canadian Launch

April 21, 208

After a successful debut in the UK, the new app Supafanz is now available in the US and Canada. Getting the latest news from fave celebs has never been so easy and fun.

There's no shortage of celebrity fans, who can't bear the thought of missing any of the news about the stars they follow. Formerly a bit of a challenge, a new celebrity news, and social app Supafanz has made that problem easy to solve. Celebrating a successful test of the UK market, the breakthrough social content aggregator, which combines all the social posts, news stories and content about celebrities picked into one feed, recently announced they are now available in the US and Canada in both iOS and Android versions. The excitement surrounding the news is high.

“We are on a mission to become the number one destination for fans,”
commented Phillip Molloy, CEO & Founder of Supafanz.
“We want to make it easier for fans to discover and access wonderful content, de-clutter their existing social profiles and be rewarded for their dedication.”

According to Supafanz, using the celebrity news and social app is easy, incredibly compelling and fun. Some highlights include the social content aggregator delivering one feed for all of the celebs a user chooses to follow making keeping up on what they are doing simple; providing tons of daily content that pops up every day; hosting a fun, active, and interesting community that's grown surrounding the app; offering a point system that rewards fans for using the app; and running Supafanz competitions and awards, that are updated often, to help keep things even more interesting than they already are.

Supafanz rewards and recognises fans for their activity and dedication. Regular competitions have included exclusive VIP prizes. A private VIP meet and greet with Lady Gaga herself, exclusive show tickets and a photo with her was a highlight. Other VIP event prizes have included, Little Mix, Dua Lipa, Sam Smith, the Brit Awards & Nial Horan to name a few. Supafanz really wants to help fans to get closer to their idols.

In additional Supafanz news, the owner and management team have sent the word out that they are seeking forward-thinking investors who would like to be part of Supafanz social content aggregator's growth. A goal of £200k has been set and more information on investing in the celebrity news and social content app can be found here.

The feedback for Supafanz has been positive across the board.

Jassqe S., has recently said in a five-star review,
“I love this app! Fab place for you to find out all the latest on your celebrity of choice. And if your celebrity isn't there, you can request for them to start a new celebrity. All of the competitions are real. I've won and it was genuine I promise! I couldn't ask for a better app.”

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About Supafanz
Supafanz is a fan aggregation platform headquartered in Birmingham that focuses on creating the ultimate, one-stop platform for fans of celebrities from all walks of life. Our mission is to become the number one destination for fans providing unrivaled access to all the tools a fan needs to follow their favourite celebrities.