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Your favourite celebrities and sports stars

Supafanz has collected over 12,000 Musicians, Sports stars, Actors and Celebrities for you to follow. We have collected the latest celebrity news, gossip and social posts for the World's largest celebrities, however, we haven't got them all! If you can think of a celebrity, Youtube star, reality star or just someone really cool that we have missed, let us know.

If they match our celebrity standards (at least one verified social account or 1M+ followers) and they have quality posts on social then we will add them to the app so you can become their biggest Supafan!

  • Cristiano Ronaldo1
  • Justin Bieber2
  • Katy Perry3
  • Taylor Swift4
  • Rihanna5
  • Shakira6
  • Barack Obama7
  • Lady Gaga8
  • Real Madrid FC9
  • Eminem10
  • FC Barcelona11
  • Selena Gomez12
  • Vin Diesel13
  • Justin Timberlake14
  • Adele15
  • Ellen DeGeneres16
  • Britney Spears17
  • Neymar18
  • Bruno Mars19
  • Jennifer Lopez20
  • Manchester United21
  • Pitbull22
  • Kim Kardashian23
  • Demi Lovato24
  • Lil Wayne25

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  • Supafanz Celebrity News and Social
  • Supafanz Celebrity News and Social
  • Supafanz Celebrity News and Social
  • Supafanz Celebrity News and Social
  • Supafanz Celebrity News and Social
  • Supafanz Celebrity News and Social
  • Supafanz Celebrity News and Social

The latest features

Supafanz is constantly being improved to give fans of celebrities an even better experience.

Supafanz was started to make it easier to be a fan of a celebrity. It's getting harder to find useful celebrity content, having to check hundreds of sites to get all the latest celebrity news and gossip.

With our latest versions, we have added:

  • Celebrity News - we scour the top entertainment news sites (such as OK, BBC, E! Entertainment and much more) to bring you the latest celeb news and gossip today!
  • 6 Social networks - see content from Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Tumblr, Google + and Youtube so you can get great content without needing separate accounts
  • Links to celebrity websites - allowing you to get merch, see images, watch videos and buy tickets
  • Earn points - show the world how much of a fan you are, earn points for every like, share and post you read
  • Win prizes - the biggest supafanz will win prizes for their hard work, who knows you may get to meet your favourite celebrity!
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